KoCare - 動物用

1. Highly absorbent
It is capable of absorbing excessive amount of exudate and forming gel to reduce wound infiltration.

2. Facilitates coagulation
Calcium Alginate Dressing releases calcium ions after absorbing exudate to facilitate coagulation and enhance wound healing.

3. With Soft texture, closely adheres to the wound
The soft, highly hydrophilic and biocompatible texture closely adheres to the wound after absorbing exudate to protect the wound.

4. Enhanced fiber structure, easy to remove
The uniquely enhanced structure increases fiber strength. It does not break down easily after absorbing excessive amount of exudates, and is easy to remove to avoid damaging the newly formed tissue.
Product No. Product Specification Package Photo
ANNNN1010 10 X 10 cm 10 pieces/box
Please follow the instructions recommended by medical professionals

1. Please clean or shave the hair surrounding the wound depending on its condition in order to  apply or fill in the dressing.
2. Cleanse the skin with normal saline.
3. Wipe and dry the skin around the wound.

Apply to the wound (secondary dressing recommended)
1. Choose the size of the dressing that completely covers the wound (the dressing should have a  diameter preferably 2 ~ 3 cm larger than the wound).
2. Remove the Calcium Alginate Dressing from the sterile package.
3. Apply or fill in the Calcium Alginate Dressing to the wound site.
4. Use permeable tape or suitable bandage to secure the dressing to the appropriate location.

Remove/change dressing
1. Lift the dressing gently by the four corners and remove it from the wound.
2. If adhesion forms at the wound, please rinse the wound with proper amount of normal saline.
3. Change the dressing using the above method when the dressing is saturated with exudate.